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Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

What cat breeds are Hypoallergenic?? GOOGLE SEARCH RESULT : Here’s our top 7 hypoallergenic cat breeds and why they seem to be best suited to those with cat allergies. #1 – Sphynx. A hairless Sphynx Cat with a hypoallergenic coat. … #2 – Cornish... 0

American Wirehair

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS The American Wirehair is medium to large in size, with a well- rounded body and large, bright eyes that are round and slant upward on the outer corners. It is found in... 0

American Domestic Cats

HISTORY AND BACKGROUND The American Domestic has always held a special place in the American home, regardless of its size or color. This homely cat has not won any laurels and does not come... 0

American Curl

HISTORY AND BACKGROUND This cat had an easy time climbing the ladder to success. In its ten years of existence, the Curl has managed to win the hearts of American cat lovers and judges.... 0

American Bobtail

HISTORY AND BACKGROUND While not new to America — first appeared here in the 1960s — the American Bobtail breed has recently become popular. And although the true history of this cat is not... 0


HISTORY AND BACKGROUND The origin of the Abyssinian remains shrouded in mystery. However, there is some evidence that ancient Egyptians worshiped cats: murals and sculptures, some as old as 4,000 years, bear a remarkable...