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Mother Cat is Not Producing Milk 0

Mother Cat is Not Producing Milk

A mother cat provides everything for her newborn kittens. A newborn cannot regulate their temperature, see, hear or even defecate without the help of their mother. Importantly, neither can they feed. Female cats are mammals,...

when do kittens stop nursing 0

Weaning a kitten ?

Weaning is the fun, messy adventure of helping a kitten transition from nursing (or bottle feeding) to eating solid food on her own! Kittens often need extra support during this time to help ensure...

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When to wean kittens ?

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Homemade Kitten Formula

This post include information about homemade kitten formulas for you. You will fine Recipes For Homemade Kitten Formula The pet store is closed, and you have hungry kittens that need formula. Never fear! Here... 0

Homemade Kitten Formula

Recipes If you find a new born or very young kitten (AND ARE SURE THE MUM IS NOT AROUND ANYMORE OR WON’T BE COMING BACK) here is a home made recipe to feed them and get...