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Anchovy & Sardine And Salmon Meal Recipe

Holistic Select® dry dog food recipes are formulated with the digestive support & balanced nutrition your pet needs to live their best life. With optimal levels of protein plus prebiotics & probiotics, live yogurt cultures, digestive enzymes, and natural fiber these recipes enhance digestion and total body health.

  • Fish-based, poultry-free protein source provides for optimal muscle development
  • Omega-3 fatty acids from salmon oil & flaxseed support healthy skin & coat appearance
  • Potato-free recipe uses highly digestive carb sources for sustained energy

Available in 4 lbs/1.81 kg, 15 lbs/6.80 kg, 30 lbs/13.60 kg bags.

Holistic Select seems to be easy to get hold of in Australia, with most pet stores selling it. That’s a good thing as it’s a decent food.

There’s a few recipes in the range, but I’ll focus on the Chicken Meal recipe for this review. The others are on par. They also offer a grain free range.

Chicken Meal is the main ingredient, which is great to see. It’s a concentrated source of chicken and high in digestible protein – perfect for cats. We also find anchovy and sardine meal, which further enhances the protein in the food.

There are two choices of grain, the first being ground brown rice, and further down the ingredients we find oatmeal. Cat’s don’t need grains, but we often find them in pet foods to bulk them up. They’re both decent choices of grain which added fibre to the food, and neither grain is a common cause of allergies.

Chicken fat provides a great source of energy, omega fats for a healthy coat, as well as natural flavour. Menhaden fish oil is a nice inclusion for omega fats, as are the fish meals. We find a wonderful range of fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals, which really round off the food as a balanced diet.

This is a high quality food which is readily available in our local pet stores. Recommended.

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