BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Surgical Principles A Foundation Manual

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by Stephen Baines, Vicky Lipscomb, Tim Hutchinson

This is a foundation level manual in the popular series from the BSAVA. It presents the basic principles upon which the practice of modern veterinary surgery is based. The principles of surgery will often dictate the outcome of a surgical procedure, more so than the use of the most up-to-date technique, and the surgeon ignores them at their peril.

Meticulous attention to the basic principles of surgery is critical if a good surgical outcome is to be achieved. Good surgeons are not those who are simply skilled at surgery, but those who ensure that every aspect of patient care is performed at the highest standard.

Complications that arise following surgery are often attributable to a lack of understanding or appreciation of the importance of these basic principles.

The BSAVA Manual of Surgical Principles presents a solid grounding in the basic principles, with practical examples of why they are important, creating a manual that is very readable and relevant for the veterinary surgeon in practice.

  • Surgical facilities and equipment
  • Perioperative considerations for the surgical patient
  • Surgical biology and techniques


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