(Tylosin, Erythromycin,Tilmicosin)

Class: Bacteriostatic, Narrow Spectrum

Mechanism: Binding to the 50S ribosomal RNA and inhibit translocation of the peptidyl tRNA

Indications: URT infections, mastitis, metritis, and foot rot caused by microorganism susceptible to macrolides.

Side effects: Include diarrhea, vomiting and anorexia in small animals after oral administration. IM injection is painful.

Notes: Can’t be used In Horses because it can cause fatal diarrhea.


Ruminants: 10-20mg/kg (Avg. 15mg/kg All Macrolides)

Trade name Composition Packing Company
Fartylo 200 mg/ml 100 ml Farvet
Tylosel 200 mg/ml 50,100ml Selmore PH
Tylo – 20% 200 mg/ml 10, 50 & 100 ml Ziadis Int.
Tylosin – 20% 200 mg/ml 50,100ml Grace
Biotylo 200 mg/ml 100 ml Biogain
Tylosan 200 mg/ml 50 & 100 ml Sana
Tylomac – 20% 200 mg/ml 50,100ml Star

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