Pakistani Bull Terrier Information,Videos

Pakistani Bull Terrier

Pakistani Bull Terrier

This is one of the purest Pakistani Gull Terriers. You can see that his ears are erect and his color is pure white. This dog is owned by Malik Naveed Hassan from Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan.”

Other Names
  1. Gull Terrier
  2. Gull Terr
  3. Kohati Gultair

There are three main types of Pakistani Bull Terriers (Gull Terrs) differentiated by size and use. PGT can have erect ears, also known as Kohati Gull Terr, semi erect ears and dropped ears.

Height and Weight

Height and weight depend on the type of Pakistani Bull Terrier (Gull Terr). Usually they are 20 – 26 inches (50 – 66 cm) tall and weigh around 77 – 99 pounds (35 – 45 kg).

Health Problems

Prone to deafness

Living Conditions

Not suitable for an apartment unless you keep the dog extremely well exercised.Health is most important in every life style moreover it also enhance the life expectancy.

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