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Puppy Clicker Training

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Got a new puppy and don’t know what to do? Puppy Clicker Training will help you communicate with your dog, teach him basic doggy manners and establish a solid trust between the two of you.

Training a puppy dog is one of the most wonderful experiences of owning a pet. It is also the best time to establish house rules and socialize your dog. Unfortunately, most people only think about training when problems are underway. 

Puppies can start a training program as soon as you bring them home. You should also think about enrolling your pooch in a positive puppy socialization class, where you can learn and play at the same time.

With puppy clicker training you can teach your pooch important things to keep him safe, obedient and grow up to be a confident and loving hound. You will also bond with your new family member in a deeper way.

Puppy Clicker Training 101

To start clicker training your puppy there is one thing you need to do:

Charge the clicker!
Simply click and give your dog a treat. Repeat….repeat…repeat in every room of your house, repeat no matter what your canine friend is doing…repeat until you see that your puppy’s eyes light up at the sound of the clicker alone.

Once your dog understands that “click” means something good is going to happen, it is time to use the clicker to your advantage. Whenever your dog does something good you can click to tell him so! and he will understand! This means that he will try to do the behavior again in order to get another click.

Good behaviors = More clicks!

Your pet will try again and again.

Now you can add a verbal cue or a hand signal to get the behavior to happen on command reliably. Once the behavior is on cue you won’t need the clicker any more. Simple praise with a marker word and a treat once in a while should be sufficient.

You can also read more advance clicker training methods like shaping and targeting. These are advance but easy to do!

Before you embark on training your puppy all sorts of tricks and commands I highly recommend you first focus on the following three most important things you should teach your puppy.

The three most important things to teach your puppy:

Potty training: The benefits of potty training your puppy are obvious, you want a clean house, dog potty outside. Training your puppy to eliminate outside can be the biggest nightmare if you do it incorrectly. If you follow the advice here you could have your doggy housetrained in about a week. Using puppy clicker training will further help you achieve success in this matter.

Socialization: This is probably the single most important thing you should work on with your new puppy and it is often the most overlooked. During the early stages of puppyhood the dog’s brain learns what “things, sounds, sights, smells, etc.” are safe and friendly, and which are not.

This means that if your furry friend has never seen a wheel chair during puppyhood it is very likely he will find it extremely frightening when he grows up. Your job is to expose your puppy to more than 100 new things before the age of 3 months. And the key to success: all these things have to be associated with something good! (treats, praise, play, etc). Using a clicker will make this job a lot easier and clear for your dog. Important note: This should be done in a safe environment, please read the full article.

No-biting: This is probably the second most important thing you should teach your puppy dog. During this time in development dogs also learn how to use their mouth properly. This means that dogs can learn to play with their mouth gently, without using their teeth.

Why is this so important? if your dog has been properly trained to use it’s mouth and teeth he will be able to play with you without hurting you. Also, in the future, if your dog happens to get very upset and snaps at you or other person or dog he will most likely do not draw blood. Your dog will be able to demonstrate he can defend himself, if needed or pushed to, without actually hurting anyone. This is safety training and using a clicker will also speed communication between you and your pet.

Enjoy your puppy!