Small Animal Cardiology

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by O. Lynne Nelson

Designed to be useful to both student and veterinary practitioner, Small Animal Cardiology is the ideal supplement manual to the in-depth internal medicine texts required in classes. It reinforces key concepts and serves as a handy reference guide in the clinical setting.

Part of the Practical Veterinarian series, this helpful tool provides fast answers to common questions in an outline format and cuts quickly to the heart of vital subject matter.

  • Pocket-sized for go-anywhere, easy access.
  • Information is at the reader’s fingertips in an easy-to-use outline format.
  • Focuses on the most common cardiovascular diseases of the dog and cat.
  • Puts drug information at the reader’s fingertips with a handy drug index.
  • Text is enhanced with a number of charts, diagrams, and flowcharts to provide instant access to information at a glance.
  • Provides appendices on commonly used drugs, sedation protocols, and predisposition of breeds to various cardiovascular disease.
  • Authored by an expert in the field of small animal cardiology.


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