Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy 4th Edition pdf

Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy 4th Edition – Important book for Veterinarians

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by Keith M. Dyce, Wolfgang O. Sack , C. J. G. Wensing

Offering comprehensive coverage of core anatomic concepts, this respected, clinically oriented text is the definitive source for a complete understanding of veterinary anatomy. Gain the working anatomic knowledge that is crucial to your understanding of the veterinary basic sciences, as well as detailed information directly applicable to the care of specific animal species, including dogs, cats, horses, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, and birds.

Each chapter includes a conceptual overview that describes the structure and function of an anatomic region, accompanied by new full-color dissection photographs that illustrate the relevance of anatomy to successful veterinary practice.

  • Content is logically organized into two main sections – a general introduction to mammalian anatomy and a region-specific breakdown – to make studying more efficient and ensure greater understanding.
  • Comprehensive, all-in-one coverage of all major species presents everything you need to master anatomic concepts in one text.
  • Focus on essential anatomy of each species delivers just the right level of detail to help you establish a solid foundation for success.
  • For the first time all images in the text appear in full color! This lifelike presentation clarifies anatomic concepts and structures in vibrant detail.
  • Vivid full-color dissection photographs help you translate anatomic knowledge to clinical practice and confidently perform dissection procedures.
  • A companion Evolve Resources website reinforces your understanding and helps you prepare for the NAVLEÒ board exam with 300 exam-style practice questions, a full-color electronic image collection, and more.



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