What you need to know about Rabies?

This post include on query What you need to know about RABIES? what is rabies? and how to prevent your pet from getting rabies.

rabies Rabid Dog Rabid dog – saliva about to drip from mouth. 1955 M-183; tray #161, B 19459

We will talk about rabies thoroughly !!

What you need to know about Rabies?

Rabies is viral disease that is caused by virus that usually spread through scratch or bite of the animal, it could be infected animal or sometimes a healthy animal can be source of RABIES.

The Question may arise, Is that possible to save a person from RABIES after infection ?

The answer is by the time the symptoms are shown by infected person then its possible to treat the infected person.

The possible most observable symptoms are neurological, the infected person may feel fear from light and water.So, the concluded treatment is just before the symptoms appears in the person.And only prevention is Vaccination of pet owners and pets themselves too.Without treatment there is 100% mortality.

What is Rabies and it’s transmission ?

As already described Rabies is viral disease from rabdoviridae family of viruses.

Route of transmission ? is through the bite of animal.Rabies virus spread in the body in one of two forms

  1. It travels to the peripheral nervous system where then it migrates to Brain
  2. It also resides in the muscles of infected person, from where it protect itself from host immune system.It also multiplies in muscles, and from neuromuscular junctions it travels to nervous system.

Forms of Rabies ?

  1. Furious or encephalitis Rabies : The infected person shows signs of hyperactivity and furious behaviour and hydrophobic.
  2. Dumb Rabies also known as paralytic Rabies : The infected person shows signs of paralysis.

What are symptoms of Rabies

Nervous signs and symptoms


Fear from light


Hypersalivation and hyperactivity



Treatment and Control ?

The immediate care is required to the bitten or scratched person.The wound should be washed with soapy water, povidone iodine, or any detergent.That can decrease the number of viral particals.

Or series of Rabies Vaccination

HUMAN Suffering from Rabies


Rabies Prevention Stragaties

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